3D, VR and Motion Capture

We develop and integrate some of the world most advanced technologies such as VR, motion capture and context responsive 3D graphics.

Immersive User Experiences

We imagine the world’s ultimate combined virtual and physical immersive solutions in a way that users can believe they are in a real environment.

Real Time Interactions

We help you finding new ways to tell stories, where content becomes an immersive experience and users control their own interactive environment.

What users think about our product

« What’s cooler than VR? Not much except maybe Real Virtuality by Artanim »

James Finn

Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communication, 20th Century Fox

« The latest Real Virtuality experience at Sundance is an epic new level of advancement. It is as close as we can get to a holodeck for now. »

Jonathan Nafarrete

Journalist, VR Scout

« The mother lode of Sundance. The most daringly original VR presentation I’ve seen, “Real Virtuality” shows how big the medium can be »

Steven Zeitchik

Journalist, Los Angeles Times

« Humanity has essentially recreated, on the basest level, The Matrix »

G. Clay Whittaker

Journalist, Popular Science